*** Beware Avon Motorcycles Ltd ***

Now called Avon Motorcycles Bristol

Merion Guyon director of Avon Motorcycles sold me a seriously faulty vehicle in 2010. After some rather unsympathetic & unhelpful phone calls to Merion I felt I had no other option but to completely refuse the vehicle & ask for my money back.

Merion refused a refund, so I took him to court where he employed every trick in the book to delay the case & increase my costs resulting in a rather large legal bill of some £12,000. I am happy to say that the judge took no time at all to throw out Avon Motorcycles defence (that I had signed for the vehicle & therefore accepted it & as such had no legal right to a refund).

The judge granted me a CCJ for £21,000 (full refund + all of my legal costs). Merion then asked the court for more time to pay & was granted 56 days, he used this time to enter into a pre-packaged administration (which effectively means he can sell the assets to another company & leave his debts unpaid).

Conveniently Mr Alan Skinner then opened a company called Avon Motorcycles Bristol, who bought Avon Motorcycles for £20,000 & now continues to trade from the same address with the same stock & the same three staff (Merion is now a manager rather than a director) all of this is perfectly legal but I will leave it up to you to decide if its morally right & if you want to purchase from this company.  


County Court Judgement - Avon Motorcycles - Click here

County Court Judgement.pdf - Click here

Further legal proceeding info - Click here

What was wrong with the vehicle?
  • Failure of the engine mount 
  • Coolant radiator contact damage (engine side)
  • After running engine for 5 minutes coolant temperature gauge was at red line warning level. Top and bottom radiator hoses warm but thermostat housing very hot
  • Fuel gauge showing incorrect reading (on full tank)
  • The suspension stub axles are showing premature surface rusting
  • Oil pressure switch wire broken at connector plug 
  • Coolant system empty. Significant coolant leak from bottom of radiator
  • Bottom radiator hose contacting lower radiator frame which will cause chaffing and eventual hose failure
  • Steering wheel aligned incorrectly and causing free play at steering wheel
  • The main chassis frame and suspension mount brackets are showing premature rusting indicating inadequate welding and incomplete penetration at the root of the joints
Please be aware that this company is still operating under these various sites!